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‘Pollyanna is a fool; Cassandra was wise. As a self-proclaimed “rational optimist” who argues that the world has been getting better for most people and that the future is likely to be better still, I am up against a deep prejudice towards pessimism that dominates the intelligentsia. As John Stuart Mill put it, “not the man who hopes when others despair, but the man who despairs when others hope, is admired by a large class of persons as a sage”. (more…)

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Solar Maximum in 2013

vukcevic says:

Interestingly, Ed Fix (paper in press) generated a solar model (based on forces that dare not speak their name) which predicts two consecutive, weak solar cycles, each eight years long

Polar field formula (first version published in Jan 2004) extrapolates ‘normal’ length for SC24, next min arround 2017-18, but then things may get more interesting.

[start of an interesting exchange in the comments on solar maximum in 2013, and methods for forecasting solar cycles, read the whole linked tread to get the whole set of ideas.]

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Australian interest in global ocean tidal movements and flood patterns

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I’ve been doing this for close to five years now . However only reading and not collating . As for Dams 18mths ago , I started clearing trees in a central Victorian Dam for the filling event that eventually happened in the second half of last year . Pulling close to a 1,000 trees (10 -60 cm circumference ) roots and all out so that the our section of the lake wouldn’t be unuseable when it flooded . I had a hard time convinceing people to help . And its the same type of people all wrapped up in AGW and so forth that pushed for Desalination and keeping the precious water in the catchments at a maximum that prevented Brisbane from Mitigating its supplies Earlier . Because we would ” Never see decent rains again “.
Funnily enough a so called Expert authority didn’t have the balls to call the drought over when Ocean Indices were already well and truly on their way to deliver rains Months in advance .
I know where i think money should be spent for Weather related grants . (more…)
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Mixed Signals from Saturn

“Saturn is sending out mixed signals in recent data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft and the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.”

March 22, 2011

Like a petulant adolescent, Saturn is sending out mixed signals.

Recent data from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft show that the variation in radio waves controlled by the planet’s rotation is different in the northern and southern hemispheres. Moreover, the northern and southern rotational variations also appear to change with the Saturnian seasons, and the hemispheres have actually swapped rates. These two radio waves, converted to the human audio range, can be heard in a new video available online at:

“These data just go to show how weird Saturn is,” said Don Gurnett, Cassini’s radio and plasma wave science instrument team lead and professor of physics at the University of Iowa, Iowa City. “We thought we understood these radio wave patterns at gas giants, since Jupiter was so straightforward. Without Cassini’s long stay, scientists wouldn’t have understood that the radio emissions from Saturn are so different.”

Saturn emits radio waves known as Saturn Kilometric Radiation, or SKR for short. To Cassini, they sound a bit like bursts of a spinning air raid siren, since the radio waves vary with each rotation of the planet. This kind of radio wave pattern had been previously used at Jupiter to measure the planet’s rotation rate, but at Saturn, as is the case with teenagers, the situation turned out to be much more complicated. (more…)

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Magnetic Tornadoes Could Liberate Mercury’s Tenuous Atmosphere

Carla says:

From an earlier orbit of Mercury by Messenger this article describing some of what they saw happening with Mercury’s magnetic field.

“””Magnetic Tornadoes Could Liberate Mercury’s Tenuous Atmosphere
..During its second flyby of the planet on October 6, 2008, MESSENGER discovered that Mercury’s magnetic field can be extremely leaky indeed. The spacecraft encountered magnetic “tornadoes” – twisted bundles of magnetic fields connecting the planetary magnetic field to interplanetary space – that were up to 500 miles wide or a third of the radius of the planet. (more…)

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