Theodore White astrometeorologist comments on his Japan Quake forecast

I would like to thank Sam for his kind comments, and for the work of Anthony on WUWT, a fine site on climate science that I and my readers enjoy very much.

As for my prediction of the Japan earthquake:

I accomplished this by astrological means, as I do with all of my advanced climate and weather forecasting.

I applied the same methods with my forecast of El Nino & La Nina for the period 2009-2011.

What we are experiencing are celestial forces and their impacts on the Earth. We are in for a rough two months or so of very strong seismic activity and weather anomalies, according to my calculations.

My warnings are based on my astrological findings, based on variable mathematics – not ‘pop culture astrology,’ which is the place from where those who make dismissing comments always base their uninformed opinions. (more…)

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Just need more data to forecast more countries

Richard Holle says:

January 21, 2011 at 5:11 am

This is all an effect of the lunar declinational tides in their 18.6 year pattern of changes.
I forecast the weather based on a repeating cyclic pattern, the analog years for this year (2011) are 1956,1974, and 1992.

From the article””Many of the wettest years for the region occurred in La Nina years such as 1956, 1971, and 1974.””

So nothing to see here I guess, if some one from Australia could send me an FTTP site address where I could download all of the raw daily data from as many of the stations as possible from 1900 onward to present, I could produce a 10 year long forecast for you free of charge and available with in ~6 months or less.

richard at

I would add an Australian page to my web site for your use, at my expense, just as I have now a forecast for the USA, for past three years and the next three in a daily map format.

*crickets*(still waiting for a response)

July 11th, 2011 [update] I found access to the data, has been paid for and shipped…..waiting..

Canadian data extracted, converted, tabled, and in QA processing of the rewrite of the software to accommodate the additional layout needed. We will get the newer HD maps for Alaska, and Canada up and running, then start processing the Australian data……..I want to have separate pages for each of the three areas.

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Blogstuff, comments by myself and others

Below is a introduction and in the minor research categories to the right is a compilation of comments in the midst of interesting treads that can be viewed through the link backs, by myself and others. With a sprinkling of humor, personal insights into others, pearls of wisdom from / for others, and some old quotes that still work, as they happen(ed) chronologically.

Posts of the “In other online forums”  added so you won’t have to spend as much time in Google so see who I am. Hope this helps…..

Richard Holle | November 13, 2010 at 1:08 am |


Man on the street for the most part, got draft notice for military service so I enlisted in USAF 1967. Trained for communications equipment repairman, went to Spain for duty as a microwave and Tropo Scatter maintenance tech. Most of the traffic on the 46L system was the weather data needed for nuclear retaliation consideration. Spent 25 months on a mountain top in the Balearic Islands, my off time I spent in Palma, conversing with tourists and members of several national Navies. Got to know well the personalities of Europeans, and international stances on value systems, expanded my prospective as a “kid from Kansas.”

Spent the first year out of the service back packing and hitch hiking around the USA, first job installing X-ray equipment in VA Hospitals, then moved to office equipment of several types. Changed to in hospital biomedical equipment tech, for 5 years then industrial medical equipment overhaul facility for another 2 years, then got recruited to join the Tool and Die prototype shop, for another 3 years while I put my 2nd wife through medical school. When she graduated (1982) as an M.D. Psychiatrist we moved back to her home town, where I worked in her practice as her complete office staff, receptionist, manager/accountant, insurance filer, and assisted with group and martial therapy, for 9 years, until her death.

Went to work as a machinist again with the local coal power plant parts manufacturing firm, raised the three kids by myself, until I retired June of 2008.

When in Kansas City (1978-1982) I developed an interest in reading the synopsis of research in the Journal of Geophysical Research, at the local research Library, and was starting to develop a driving interest in trying to figure out the logical puzzle that is weather forecasting. (So far the most interesting logic puzzle I have come across) read the research synopsis of articles from about 1955 on to 1982, copied whole articles of ones I found interesting, before I left town for central Kansas.

Working with the local NWS offices in both KC and Concordia Kansas, I set out to sort weather data by cyclic patterns as had been done for lunar phases with out good results, but by lunar declination instead. I have over the years found that the astronomical interactions of the sun/earth/moon system, are the effects that are driving the Rossby wave patterns.

I would like to be able to present the whole picture of how the long term cyclic patterns of the orbital interactions of the entire solar system, is modulating the weather and climate to produce almost all of the weather patterns that we see. I am still working at solving the interacting relationships between the variations in the solar wind electromagnetic couplings that result from the long term interactions of the solar system with the rest of the Galaxy, to extrapolate into climate prediction.

I have found inner planet cyclic periodicities that when coupled with the Lunar declinational tides in the atmosphere can be used as a long term weather forecast, with punctuation by outer planet / Earth heliocentric conjunctions driving the most severe episodes of extreme global weather.
Like the heat waves in Moscow, the floods in Pakistan, monsoons in India and Bangladesh, and the timing of hurricanes globally.

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CAGW hypothesis politics

Richard Holle | November 7, 2010 at 7:01 pm | Reply

An Hypothesis is a set of ideas that work together to form an idea of how a process works through interaction of the laws of physics, draws form from the proposed interactions of the known mechanisms, by a coherent method of assimilating the development of further understanding of how the parts are held together.

IF proven by the quality of the data, tested by having repeatability when tested the same way by others. It may become a theory, when enough scientists have been able to use it to produce predictable results, it then becomes mainstream accepted when the predictions can be relied upon for daily use in some application for which it works. (more…)

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Personal opinion and introduction

Richard Holle | October 30, 2010 at 8:55 pm | Reply

There are many in the general public who have always had an appreciation for the pure sciences, the scientific method of truth seeking, the continual incorporation of new data and ideas into the existing paradigm. Who have kept up to date with the basics of many fields of study, had hobbies in many areas of weather and climate. (more…)

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