Solar environment and volcano connection?

Zeke the Sneak says:

September 21, 2010 at 2:54 am

Electric Universe Physicist Wal Thornhill gives a bird’s eye, summary view on the Earth’s connection to the Solar electrical environment:

“It’s always been a puzzle to geologists where the energy of an earthquake comes from. The energy comes from a stored electric charge within the earth. A discharge takes place beneath the earth – then you must get effects on the surface that are felt, and the earthquake is one such consequence.

…That also extends to volcanoes. Because it’s never been…it’s just a story we have been told about these diaperes, as they are called, these molten blobs of magma rising through the rock above, and finally coming out on the surface. It’s much simpler to consider that what is going on is a discharge from within the earth–an electrical discharge–to the surface of the earth. And quite often lightning has been observed above a newly forming volcano – and also some of the most spectacular lightning discharges ever seen are above volcanoes.”

PMJ: “Also, didn’t you tell me before that in earthquakes they are detecting large electric currents?”

WT: “Yes, currents…Yes, they’ve detected all kinds of electrical effects, including magnetic effects too…and things like glows and discharges above ground, and animals seem to pick up on this change in the electrical environment.”

PMJ: “What about lightning, which for a long time was considered confined to a cloud bank…and now, you say, they are discovering sprites and other electrical formations right up into the ionosphere.”

WT: “Effectively the discharges extend to space. And from there beyond to the magnetosphere, which then begs the question ‘Where is this electric current going to or coming from?’ and the answer is it’s coming from the solar circuit.”

“All planets have this connection to the solar circuit, which means that they are accepting electrical charge from the sun. It was imagined initially that these strange lightnings above storms were coming from the storm below. But the evidence is all in favor of the fact that the electrical energy is already sitting up there in the ionosphere waiting to get to earth. And it just comes down through those various elves, gnomes, the sprites – all of these whimsical names given to things that are not understood. Now once the charge gets to the thundercloud,

the electricity is distributed in the thundercloud, and then it is discharged to the ground through the normal lightning bolts. Or through tornadoes. Tornadoes are a slow electric vortex.”

As I said, just a bird’s eye view, but something to consider. It has been studied in more detail, but this shows the general path the electricity takes. And electricity is clearly in evidence here.

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