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Piers Corbyn says:

October 7, 2010 at 5:27 am

Thanks Philip Bratby (Oct 6 11.47pm).

Further to Oct6th 9.28pm, I should also make clear of course there is Al-Gore-INCONVENIENT-TRUTH-correlation between solar activity and CO2 on time scales of millennia but that shows that Temperatures DRIVE CO2 – the reverse of the warmers’ claim.

When I was a student and doing research in Imperial evidenced-based science WAS at the fore; now however it appears spin rules.

Re Stephen Wilde all talk of Ocean feedbacks etc is important but they are NOT the cause of climate change. They ARE climate change. Our task is to identify the drivers – and that is NOT CO2 but, evidence shows, solar activity modulated by lunar effects.

Forget about if one knows or doesn’t know how it all works. Many things – like eggs (but not oval shaped stones) turn into chickens (mostly) even if we don’t know why or how. LOOK at the evidence:- We predicted that solar activity would drive last gasps and then the termination of the West Russian Heat wave and the Pakistan super-deluges and you can SEE the chain of events from double-sunspot flares to the events we predicted from a long time ahead where and when we said:

And for discussion with Stephen Wilde please see COMMENTS in

Cheers Piers

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