Semantic web possibilities

Richard Tol | October 30, 2010 at 10:16 am | Reply

The next big thing will be the semantic web. As computers learn the meaning of our blabbering, they’ll connect the unconnected and new insights will emerge.

For you and me, however, the next big thing would be to get academic recognition for our blogging. I tested a few ideas for papers on a blog, and I’m now crowdsourcing — but if your aim is to write academic papers, the blogosphere is not really the place to be.

  • curryja | October 30, 2010 at 10:48 am | ReplyRichard, fortunately at my stage of career, publishing papers isn’t all that relevant. As an administrator, I get evaluated in a different way than the typical academic researcher. I still publish conventional scientific research papers, but whether i publish 2 or 10 papers per year doesn’t matter (to me or to my employer). I am also relatively immune to needs for research funding; 12 months of my salary are supported by Georgia Tech (unusual in the U.S.) and I even have a small research fund from Georgia Tech; much of my research is actually subsidized from the overhead and meager profits of my company. At this point, I’m blogging because I am interested in learning from a broader community than I have access to on a daily basis in my work environment. I am also exploring the potential of the blogosphere for learning and outreach education, which is arguably an academic pursuit. And finally I’m hoping to possibly have an impact on the policy dialogue in terms of throwing new ideas out and trying to open up the debate on both the science and the policy options. I realize that I may be in a more fortunate position than other academics in devoting a lot of time to blogging.I’ve heard of the semantic web, sounds like it would really be interesting.
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