Tropical storm Nicole

Richard Holle says:

September 29, 2010 at 9:55 am

Jupiter Uranus conjunction on the 24th=peak of the MHD homopolar charging of the global fields, as the moon crossed the equator headed North. Moon Maximum North tomorrow on the 30th September 2010, and Large polar air mass is exiting the SE USA into Yucatan peninsula area today, pushing a large area of rapid heavy precipitation up the East coast, as it interacts with the tropical air mass in the Caribbean, being pulled North by the lunar tidal effects.

Because of the increased activity (due to the J/N conjunction) over the levels of activity seen the past three cycles, that I use to generate the forecasts on my site, there will be higher than forecast amounts of rainfall up the Eastern sea board than the past cyclic data shows, but in the same general areas.

Because all of the data I have is from ON the continental land mass, and a few oil platforms in the gulf, my methods vision is limited out to sea. What we are having in the Caribbean with TS Nicole is just the heavy precipitation normally seen as derechio events inland, after outer planet conjunctions. BUT the size of the J/N conjunction has pushed the polar (originated) air mass clear off the SE gulf coast into Yucatan.

I had thought that the precipitation surge along the East coast would have been a real tropical storm with eye wall and everything, so I expected ACE values to be peaking now.

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