TSI and Cap and Tax thread rant

Richard Holle | October 3, 2010 at 10:17 am

Having read the whole previous thread before commenting is my usual MO, in order to respond to the whole set of ideas already put forth with out picking any one post or poster to argue with, I dislike debate, (goal to separate and destroy), but I rather relish discussion whose goal is to expand the total knowledge base by considering which parts are viable and how to better focus on the hidden truths just out of reach of many of the individual posters, but is common knowledge, in the core of the discussion of the unadulterated facts.

The progression of adding new pertinent data points and viewpoints that shed light on previously unknown or poorly defined areas of knowledge, is the growth in awareness that is the benefit gained from the real scientific pursuit of improvement of older ideas by incorporating new data and processes recently found by the use of new sources of information.

There recently have been added several new satellites that are able to monitor some of the unknown parameters poorly defined in the past. In addition the ocean temperatures at depth and the flows of currents due to the increased salinity at the poles during their winter freeze processes that concentrates it into water at less than 4 degrees C, that then covers the ocean floors world wide.

The THEMIS and new SDO solar observation platform are adding new insight to the interactions of the Solar activity, solar wind production and modulation by coronal holes, sunspot, and flares, and the production in changes in strength of EUV and Uv in the STI spectrum, and their resultant interactions not only with the Earth, but the relationships of interactions of the entire spectrum of electromagnetic processes.

There is new work posted on the interactions of the solar current sheet as it flows out across the entire solar system and how it affects the newly discovered “ribbon of neutral plasma interactions” at the edge of the heliopause, and how that entire body of new understanding is giving us a much better picture of the basis of electromagnetic dynamic interactions with the Sun coupled through the planetary bodies out to the interface with the galactic fields beyond.

More recent rediscovery of atmospheric ion and lightning interactions with the ionosphere by elves, sprite, blue jets, and aurora, and their modulation by solar activity levels are new things to incorporate into the climate effects to be considered.

From the new information being found there is now a base of data from which to consider the dynamics of the interactions of the magnetic coupled effects of the planets in the flowing solar wind to add them to the consideration of the end affects on global weather and climate.

It would be nice as well to add the study of how the Lunar tidal dynamics affecting the atmosphere to cause the production of the Rossby waves and the jet streams because of the declinational components as well as the precipitation time of day correlations based on the phase relationships, and how the interactions of the beating of those two frequencies of cyclic interactions produces the QBO, PDO, el nino SOI, and pulses in trade wind speed.

Their combined effects are very good at adding understanding about how the pole ward/equator ward movements of the jet streams produce the shifts in warming and cooling patterns seen in the ~60 year patterns, that is further modified in short bursts of 5 to 6 days at Synod conjunctions of the outer planets that modulate the production of severe weather especially tornadoes and hurricanes.

What bothers me about all of the wasted funds, time, and scientific resources discussing the dead end “no value added” focus on changes in the GHG CO2 “potential effects” when the main drivers are being ignored, with less than that spent in the last 10 years, real answers could be found that will improve forecasting lead times considerably, but is being done just because they cannot be taxed.

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