Crop growing weather considerations and a few notable quotes

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Almost forgot to answer your basic question about which parameters I find important to give a forecast that is usable.

Soil temperature, and moisture profiles, first and last frost potentials, humidity and rain fall potentials during critical periods, and of speed of the changes in soil moisture, can be critical to seed sprouting and emergence timing, corn silking for good ear filling, wheat and rice frost sensitivity in early or late growth stages, wind speeds and conditions for pollinators, excessive soil moisture at planting, cultivating, or harvest times that cause disruptions that result in crop loss or edibility.

Periods of excessive rain fall that can compact heavy soils just after planting causing soy beans to snap off their tops that becomes trapped in the rapidly hardening clay the next day if sunny and windy, wheat falling over just before harvest causes losses, hail is one of the many problems in crop damage, being produced , both at midsummer for the solar declinational peak culmination, and by rapid non turbulent meridional air flows, just a couple days before and as the lunar declinational peak culmination occurs, before the shear that produces tornadoes, starts the next four days, then an increase in hail again as the cold front presses down the back side of the tidal bulge, behind the turbulent flow for a couple more days.

Wheat harvest planning is complicated by the result of the genetic process of selection of the parent genes that were selected to be planted by two processes in nature, when almost ripe the grains stays moist for up to two weeks, hoping to be ready for hail to drive it into the soil where it needs to not yet be dormant so it can survive the quicker soil drying times seen at midsummer. The other natural opportunity for good sprouting conditions, is during the winter early spring, when covered by heavy snow that is slowly melting, can rehydrate the dried dormant grain to allow spouting.

So as a result of the genetically selected response to changes in atmospheric humidity and temperatures, the planing of wheat harvest is always complicated by the natural synchronization of the “too moist to cut yet stage” and natural arrival of the annual hail patterns of production.

In nature there is no chaos only periodic cycles and adaption to them. Calendars are a man made thing, natural patterns resulting from cyclic patterns of nature do not follow the days of the months, or the weeks of the year, although it does seem to rain on weekends a lot.

Richard Holle

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