Lunar declinational tidal patterns

Sample of three cycles of lunar declinational tides synchronized by declinational angle, just an interim step to the production of a better high resolution longer sequence.


As promised a better higher resolution product, same data, pics, done at home by my daughter April


Three cycles of lunar declination tides from Christmas 2009 to march 8 2010 starting at 10 degrees North of the equator back to the same point.

Start time and some of the jumps in the movie are due to problems with the GOES data base missing some of the picture needed, however the synchronizing is based on the same lunar declination angle on all three, per each frame with in a degree or so. The hope was to be able to show that there are repeating patterns in the global circulation because of the lunar declinational tidal effects acting on the atmosphere.


Filed under: Long-term Lunar Effects,Natural Processes — by Richard Holle @ 7:07 pm on March 13, 2012


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