Solar magnetic fields pole tilt

Richard Holle says:

November 7, 2010 at 11:30 pm

The lunar declinational total portended angle, is driven from the tilt of the poles magnetic fields of the sun, resulting in pulses in magnetic field’s flux of polarity N/S on a 27.32 day cycle. The lunar declinational angle movement is the part of the atmospheric tidal component that causes the positions of the jet streams to be close or far from the Equator.

IF the astrological effects of the long term patterns of Ice age periods, is driven by the actual movement of the tilt of axis of the magnetic poles of the sun, to where when it decreases, the polarity shifts in the solar wind weaken. Thus less driven declinational movement = total included angle reduced = less atmospheric tidal effect mixing equatorial ITCZ warmth into the mid-lattitudes.

Then IF the alignment of the magnetic poles of the sun continued to decrease to where they were almost vertical at some point, the gradual declinational electromagnetic drive component would by then affect a much smaller included declinational angle for the moon….Hardly moving any massive surges of warmth off of the equator = onset of long term Ice age, until the return of increased strength and critical orientation of the galactic magnetic fields that allow a re-tilt of the solar magnetic poles, to the axis of rotation and we come out of the ice age.

This is the basic premise of action in shifting the spin of atoms and watching them rebound in MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging. We have it down on an atomic level to where it is used daily thousands of times to save lives. Why could the Galaxy not use the same methods by an external magnetic field surge maintained for the duration of the Ice covered state of the glacial stages?

Thus the quick recovery with the magnetic flip, with the return of the pulses in solar wind polarity shifts once again driving the declinational angle of the moon to greater extremes.

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