Storm front intensity and excitment levels

Richard Holle says:

October 26, 2010 at 12:31 pm

wws says:
October 26, 2010 at 10:49 am

it’s fascinating to look at on the map. Down here in East Texas we were right on the bottom of that line slashing across the country, and yet still the wind blew quite powerfully all night, even without storms. I’ve always been in love with the feeling you get when you go outside and you can feel these huge masses of air on the move. I know that sounds odd to say, and I’m not in love with storms themselves or the damage they cause. But there’s so much energy in the air when these kinds of things go through that it can make my skin tingle!
The reason lots of people like storm fronts is due to the free electrons leaking out ahead of the polar air masses, that show up as cirrus clouds.
As the increase in negative ions push ahead of the frontal boundary, people outside breath them in, it tries to shift their ph and lower and alters their sodium pump bias on their nerve regeneration to a resultant shorter reset timing. Thus allowing them to conduct more nerve transmission pulses per second, there is a normal activation of adrenaline levels, and people can be seen rushing around, traffic gets hectic, the number of domestic disturbances increases, and lovers who are so inclined are able to ride this crest of the ion excitation wave, can convert this surge of energy and consequent release of tension as the front passes, into passionate encounters that leave them relaxed and satisfied at the end of the natural storm energy surge.

Many people will comment on their loving during storms as some of their best experiences, when in reality it is just energy surfing, as the wave crests, try it some time

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