Albedo changes shift around 1996-8

Good morning Fred,
You are better informed than me but I will nonetheless risk being technically embarrassed by stating that I disagree that the data suggests little or no change in cloud cover. Please see the various charts at the nasa website

If you look at albedo, it shows a gradual decline until around 2000 followed by an increase up to present day. This change in albedo seems to be confirmed by changes to SW radiation. Upwelling (ie reflected) SW radiation at TOA follows a similar pattern to albedo whilst the global SW radiation received at the surface (downwelling) seems constant until 2000 when it started to decline quite markedly.

The reason for the change in albedo could be dabated, but it seems to me most likely that it is due to changes in cloud cover which decreased during the 1976 to 1998 warming period and has increased since. The climate shift discussed by Tsonis et al seems the likely cause although the Chief Hrydrologist would probably have it down to changes in the PDO.

Whatever the reasons, it seems to me that the data does suggest changes in cloud cover with some possible cooling in the pipeline if the Chief is correct.

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