Chief Hydrologist speaks

I’m with you all the way Girma. But we should think of the PDO and ENSO as a single system with a quasi periodicity of 20 to 40 years. Indeed the modes of major climate variability all seem to be linked as standing waves in a dynamically complex spatio-temporal system with am exceedingly large phase space.

There was a guy 100 years ago called Inigo Owen Jones who predicted rainfall in north eastern Australia based on the movements of the large outer planets. He was of course dismissed as a total crank.

The motion of the large outer planets determine to a large degree the location of the centre of mass of the solar system – which is inside but not at the centre of the Sun. The movement of the centre of mass in the Sun generates fantastic currents within the Sun that are responsible for the the heliomagnetic field that envelopes the solar system.

The geomagnetic field waxes and wanes in the longer term and with the quasi 11 year cycle. It even reverses polarity in the quasi 22 year cycle. The heliomagnetic field influences cosmic rays – but also solar UV and the latter has a more direct and obvious link to ocean/atmosphere couplings – including ENSO and therefore much of global hydrology.

I love the power spectra of Scafetta – is there a reference? We should stick to our guns – Girma. My strategy is to find amusement in small things by messing with their heads a little as I go.

[rest of this thread is interesting]

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