Loehle and Scafetta Geoff Sharp

Thank you Craig and Nicola for your informative and enlightening paper.

There are several points that are notable.

1. There is much evidence to suggest there is a 60 year cycle in the temperature record and ocean cycles that are probably interrelated.

2. The solar velocity as measured about the SSB coincides with the 60 year cycle seen in the temperature and ocean records.

3. The TSI reconstructions are still an area of incomplete understanding.

Of interest you mention:

We clearly state in the paper that there are other cycles such a the millennial one explaining the MWP and LIA. However, in this paper we are dealing only with the data since 1850.

I am wondering if your model includes the solar effects of EUV and long term solar reduction as seen in grand minima? By putting together the PDO/ENSO/TSI/EUV factors, would the anthropological proportion be even smaller?

[The basic questions regarding the CO2 fractions]

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