Thierry book tip by Marcel Leroux

Thierry says:

Indeed, the two main books of Marcel Leroux are quite expensive. But they are the discovery of my life, since I found there all the answer I needed for years. You can have some extracts there :

The most important ones are :

Global warming: myth or reality : the erring ways of climatology
Dynamic Analysis of Weather and Climate

When you see an image like this one :


you understand that mobile polar highs (MPHs) are the key actors of meteorology and climate. PDA, NAO, ENSO and so on are just the consequence (according to Leroux) of MPH dynamics and therefore have no effect on the climate. Quite counterintuitive heh ?. For instance, El Nino phenomena appears when the “meteorological equator” (ITCZ), as he calls it, moves a little bit south at west of South America, due to more numerous northerly MPH traveling south through North America. Easterlies originating from Gulf of Mexico crosses Panama into the pacific pushing away warm water south and prevents cold water upwelling along west south America coast. At the same time, strong MPH in Asia pushes more warm water towards the East in the equatorial counter current. As a consequence, El Nino is the consequence of a more MPH active northern hemisphere and a less MPH active than southern hemisphere. ENSO is therefore not an indication of a climate change.

What does have a signification of the climate change, is the pressure evolution. According to Leroux, atmospheric pressure is the key parameter, not the temperature. Pressure tells you everything of MPH dynamics. Pressure is further more a far less falsifiable indicator than temperature. More pressure in the “anticyclone agglutinations” or AA (that is where all MPH ends up, for instance Azores high, of St Helene high, of Hawaii high), and less pressure at high latitude means that we are in a MPH “rapid mode” telling you that the poles are cooling. According to Leroux, significant rise in pressure in AA as well drop in pressure at high latitude has been observed since the beginning the 70s, showing that we may have entered a cooling phase since then. Again counterintuitive and not what we have been told ! Heat wave or cold wave on continent are caused by the same phenomena : MPH agglutination on continent, prevents, by air stability, cooling under great insolation in summer time, and warming from westerlies in winter times. Therefore, cooling eras mean more heat waves and cold waves due to more MPH originating from the poles and agglutinating on continents. It means also more violent weather, since cold MPH creates more powerful depressions.

Now you understand why models are really useless : nobody has implemented MPH in models !

and so on….

As you see, Leroux has a quite iconoclast approach, based on a long life dedicated to observation and sane physics. His work deserve a very close attention.

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BigWaveDave on Sep 17, 2011 at 1:32 am

I’m not sure who’s link led me here, but thanks.

I have been wondering about lunar gravitational influence on Earth’s atmosphere for some time now.

I agree with Leroux. Pressure is most important. This deserves much more attention.

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