30 years of soil moisture imaged from satellite data


What you are seeing is monthly averages (I think) the way they dance between about four different patterns makes me wish that the data was sorted by lunar declinational periods of 27.3 days so the four fold patterns of the repeating jet stream location shifts could be better visualized. I would like to see the whole map remain in view instead of the zooming around to make political statements about weather events while loosing the overall view, by doing so they might have reached a bigger audience, but lost the objective transfer of usable total view of all data available. In the same vein I would have liked to have seen both the complete loop of the actuals as well as the anomalies.

(note to self) acquire the data and make the the movies you want to see, the (almost affordable) technology is available you know. Thanks for covering this story I’ll add this to my list of things to do when I win the lottery. Soon as I get the bugs worked out of the new map update on this site I will be working on making several more movies to show lunar declinational effects on the weather and climate.

Richard Holle


Web site and source for the data and other clips as well can be found below


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