Advice to youth

JD says:

October 5, 2010 at 10:12 pm


There are other options, each of us regardless of age can choose for our selves and vote with our, spending habits, dietary habits, choice of vocations, participation in by voting with your feet, don’t add to the problems, work on what you see in your local environment as the symptoms of the problems, lead by example has worked well for me over the years.

One of my main goals is to increase awareness of each persons individual skills, drives, ideals, and attachments to these in others. Be yourself first, let others be comfortable with them selves, support those things you like with your excess production, and free time as they become available, mostly by recognizing ways to be more efficient, not just less consumptive.

Work in areas that you have skills and interests that drive you and add to the overall efficiency of the composite system you can help to evolve, by adding input and feed back as you go along. Always be your true self in all relationships, as you will then attract those who like you for who you really are, steer clear of drama Queens, and psychic vampires, users that will just drag your vitality, love of life, and physical resources down for no net gain to anyone.

If each of us vote for the type of world we would like to see, by our choice of actions and dedications to the solutions that we can see from our limited environmental input sources, then gradually the whole world will improve, and the combination of input of actions and options will generate as many answers as there are THINKING people, who apply themselves to the worlds problems, doing so with out uselessly dragging down the resources that any one, (self included) needs to stay healthy.

We are all different in some small way at least, it is this variety of skills, talents, viewpoints, and drives, that make individuals as well as nations successful. Bring to the table what you have, be open and frank about what you think, and be not afraid to question opinions of others, know for yourself, do the research needed to figure out YOUR answers to problems you understand by seeing them first hand. DO NOT get swept away following blindly, anyone not even your self, question your goals frequently, choose directions as guidelines to follow rather than blindly and rudely make for end point goals.

Maybe the real answer is just to the left or right, further or closer, than you thought, be not afraid to stay in touch with your feelings, but still use logic whenever possible. The mark of mental stability is in the ability to maintain the balance between feelings and logical thought processes. When decisions are needed, try to consider every one involved, not just one other, yourself, or a tight nit group, this helps avoid stupid, embarrassing, costly, unrepairable mistakes.

If I had a life do over, there are not many things I would change, except getting an education on paper as well as in life, I have found it is much easier to get things done that need doing if you have both.

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