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Richard Holle | November 7, 2010 at 7:01 pm | Reply

An Hypothesis is a set of ideas that work together to form an idea of how a process works through interaction of the laws of physics, draws form from the proposed interactions of the known mechanisms, by a coherent method of assimilating the development of further understanding of how the parts are held together.

IF proven by the quality of the data, tested by having repeatability when tested the same way by others. It may become a theory, when enough scientists have been able to use it to produce predictable results, it then becomes mainstream accepted when the predictions can be relied upon for daily use in some application for which it works.

So far the hypothesis of CAGW is not yet been shown to be repeatable by others, the models have yet to produce any valid predictions, and there are many areas of investigation into the workings of the climate system that have been ignored. The real drivers of the climate system that result in the natural variability patterns, have no funds in the grant pipeline, the null hypothesis has yet to be dis-proven.

H2O is the main GHG and it is still not understood well enough to fix a sign to its feedback. The atmospheric effects of the Lunar tidal harmonics that couple the solar and planetary effects into the earth’s climate can be shown to have about 85% domination in the creation and maintenance of global circulation patterns, that result in the short and long term weather and climate cyclic patterns.

But CO2 is the only part of the complicated equation that can be used to generate taxes and power politics, so there goes the grants, the political will, and the background noise of the greedy wanting a piece of the pie.

I do not deny that CO2 has some part in the radiation balance, that real pollution still exists, but CO2 is not part of the toxic waste problems, and I am skeptical that there will be a refocus on the rest of the science, where the real answers will be found to how weather, and the climate works, before the onset of the next ice age gets underway.

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