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‘Pollyanna is a fool; Cassandra was wise. As a self-proclaimed “rational optimist” who argues that the world has been getting better for most people and that the future is likely to be better still, I am up against a deep prejudice towards pessimism that dominates the intelligentsia. As John Stuart Mill put it, “not the man who hopes when others despair, but the man who despairs when others hope, is admired by a large class of persons as a sage”.

What is more, pessimism has become a hallmark of the Left, chiefly because it justifies activism. Once upon a time conservatives lamented the way the world had gone to the dogs since the golden age (and some still do), while socialists championed growth, technology and innovation to liberate the working class.

Today, infected by Malthusian ecology, the Left relentlessly preaches millennial doom and technological risk: the climate is heading for catastrophe; resources are running out; population is growing too fast; farming cannot keep up; habitat is being destroyed; poverty, hunger, pollution, disease and greed are only going to get worse. A dramatic change in human stewardship of the planet is needed.’

The conflict is not about a narrative superficially in the dispassionate language of science – but is the climate war being fought out from the perspective of divergent values. DDT, acid rain, ozone depletion – all of the dire environmental emergencies in recent decades faded to insignificance but blighted social discourse while they polluted the zeitgeist. Just as global warming has passed the cusp of public acceptance with the planet stubbornly refusing to warm – at great cost to the status of science.

Tired of dishonesty and the pejorative in public discourse? I know I am. The warmists are fools and charlatans who keep insisting on nonsense for overtly political – misguided – effect. They refuse to acknowledge underlying motivations. As if anything that people did lacked a political aspect – but necessarily dishonest because their agenda has merely marginal appeal.

I am happy to pursue practical and pragmatic ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – and these are emerging in the real world. What really annoys me is the waste of time and resources involved in dealing with the malign fantasies and nonsensical propositions of the green left.

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