Just need more data to forecast more countries

Richard Holle says:

January 21, 2011 at 5:11 am

This is all an effect of the lunar declinational tides in their 18.6 year pattern of changes.
I forecast the weather based on a repeating cyclic pattern, the analog years for this year (2011) are 1956,1974, and 1992.

From the article””Many of the wettest years for the region occurred in La Nina years such as 1956, 1971, and 1974.””

So nothing to see here I guess, if some one from Australia could send me an FTTP site address where I could download all of the raw daily data from as many of the stations as possible from 1900 onward to present, I could produce a 10 year long forecast for you free of charge and available with in ~6 months or less.

richard at aerology.com

I would add an Australian page to my web site for your use, at my expense, just as I have now a forecast for the USA, for past three years and the next three in a daily map format.

*crickets*(still waiting for a response)

July 11th, 2011 [update] I found access to the data, has been paid for and shipped…..waiting..

Canadian data extracted, converted, tabled, and in QA processing of the rewrite of the software to accommodate the additional layout needed. We will get the newer HD maps for Alaska, and Canada up and running, then start processing the Australian data……..I want to have separate pages for each of the three areas.

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