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Richard Holle | October 30, 2010 at 8:55 pm | Reply

There are many in the general public who have always had an appreciation for the pure sciences, the scientific method of truth seeking, the continual incorporation of new data and ideas into the existing paradigm. Who have kept up to date with the basics of many fields of study, had hobbies in many areas of weather and climate.

It is not surprising that there are many skeptics who like I am, are very knowledgeable in many of the over lapping fields, of gas chromatography, anthropology, radio graphics of X-ray and particle physics, biological plant and animal processes, agriculture, high power radio transmission and reception, and its attendant multiplexing of signals, mining, reforestation plans and progress realities, nuclear, gas, and coal power plant construction techniques, organic gardening, astronomy, stellar physics, global circulation pattern drivers, and have also spent considerable time out doors in a tent and sleeping bag.

Most of us old x GI’s understand international politics from watching first hand the going ons of people in the foreign countries we served in, if I read only research based on real raw data and not just crap MSM News fabrications, the truth becomes very apparent, and BS detectors become sensitive.

Most of those who have learned to think for them selves are not taken in by grandiose egomaniacs spouting half truths which they cover with name calling and lies when asked for raw data and processes used to get the results that do not smell right. Just raising kids of our own has taught us that much.

I have always aspired to be a scientist, to push the envelope of knowledge past the mundane, but got drafted for some war effort that was a worthless waste or resources and lives on both sides. The CAGW cause is just another piece of propaganda for a bloodless war of attrition and global control, starvation and endless taxation are just dry blood less ways to die.

I have but one life to give, I have spent most of my time on this planet trying to solve everyday problems, as I find them, now after spending most of the last 30 years on self education of the problems with the weather, climate, and environment in an attempt to leave some knowledge of value for the living, who come behind me.

I find this recent episode of intentional disinformation for manipulative contamination of the sciences, and raw data needed to understand all of the values I hold dear in the seeking of (the truth that just is) science. To be very repugnant to the very center of my being, that simple egos and greed, have derailed the search for truth and understanding and the rot has spread into the very heart of the universities I so idolized growing up as a kid.

Peer to peer blog review is the only way I have left to try to express the truths I have uncovered, in over 30 years of independent research, while holding down a day job to pay the bills. I am still researching and more data uncovered is yet to published as I can get it processed, thanks for listening.

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