Theodore White astrometeorologist comments on his Japan Quake forecast

I would like to thank Sam for his kind comments, and for the work of Anthony on WUWT, a fine site on climate science that I and my readers enjoy very much.

As for my prediction of the Japan earthquake:

I accomplished this by astrological means, as I do with all of my advanced climate and weather forecasting.

I applied the same methods with my forecast of El Nino & La Nina for the period 2009-2011.

What we are experiencing are celestial forces and their impacts on the Earth. We are in for a rough two months or so of very strong seismic activity and weather anomalies, according to my calculations.

My warnings are based on my astrological findings, based on variable mathematics – not ‘pop culture astrology,’ which is the place from where those who make dismissing comments always base their uninformed opinions.

Those who dismiss astrology, in my view, are simply ignorant of that on which they speak. They are no different from those who say mankind is the cause of climate change – something I reject as ignorant as well.

They also tend to forget that astrologers invented meteorology, the forecasting of climate and weather conditions, in advance.

Personal dispositions, biases, ideology and ignorance have no place in science.

And for those who dismiss ‘astrology,’ they are also dismissing outright the works of Brahe, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Ptolemy, Newton, Franklin – all astrologers.

My practice of Astrology is as a polymath and scientist. I am proud to be a mundane astrologer and astrometeorologist. I do not need, seek, or desire the validation of anyone ignorant of that on which they comment to be able and free to work in my professional field.

The situation in Japan is very sad, but I knew it was coming. The resulting damage and threats from the damaged nuclear reactors is a very serious matter.

I’ve also forecasted seismic activity to strike California as well. All the astrological indicators I’ve seen are there.

The strong lunar perigee this month, and another in April are serious matters when it comes to seismic and weather events.

We will see more natural disasters associated with the configurations of bodies relative to the Earth and I’ve published findings and forecasts in advance so people can be prepared.

These are serious times and require serious minds to help to preclude and reduce as much damage as is possible.

Theodore White, astrometeorologist.S


[Edit] what follows on the WUWT thread further down the page is real illuminating, as to the lack on knowledge by the general population on how the universe is put together. Theodore does a good job of trying to present educational material to the general public with notebooks entries  from Isac Newton.

Here, you will find one of Isaac Newton’s mundane astrological science notebooks ->

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Lenzo on Mar 26, 2011 at 4:58 am

I’ve been following Theodore White’s work for five years and he is the best forecaster we’ve got. I never believed in astrology but he made a believer out of me with his accurate weather forecasts. He saved my family from a ice storm he predicted a few years back. We were ready a month in advance because of his prediction. That ice storm came on the very day he said it would. The guy is the real deal and made a believer out of me that’s for sure.

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