Youth of today observations of gaming attitudes developed

Richard Holle says:

October 15, 2010 at 6:45 pm

The current generation of young people making their way out into the world, in the midst of the current global economic disaster, clearly see that it is the result of elitists gaming the system to gain control before they get old and die.

The youth that grew up playing video games have as an understanding that there is always a game strategy, in the background programing that assists the player who figures it out, that every player has different skills they bring into the game formed by their preferred strategy. The level 72 white paladin, or level 23 troll axe wielder, as seen in every day blog quotes is just proof that these games are played in real life and not to be taken seriously.

Fit in at work, do what you can to get ahead, with out getting caught out by fudging up your social network. Extended social networks have come to be international in scope, new ideas flow through the interwoven WWW instantaneously, peers assist each other by advancing ideas that generate efficiency, bypassing old codgers with mental atherosclerosis as they do with the mindless drones in the backdrop of games who are not active players.

Politics as usual is a dead end game, with the agility of the truly mentally alert youth of today, that cannot be lied to with out causing very strong rebelling that results in the formation of “quests to root out evil in all of its forms”. The children of the elitists grow up knowing what it is all about, see the game from inside and will find their own “better form of game to play” rebellion from programing will play out in the formation of the “new elitist protegee” hopefully daddies money will be put to better uses in the near future.

Meanwhile real productive members of society will continue to strive to produce things as needed to fit into the entrepreneur class that sustains growth through innovation, that results in increased efficiency, and amassing real fortunes in technological breakthroughs, all the while aware that the background game is being played, and can be gamed for the advantage of those who understand how to play games.

There is no need to worry about the fates of the “helpless youth of today” who will bring this quagmire out into the light of the day, in a surge of rebellion against the elitist forces that have tried to run the “propaganda programs of scare and control game” while leaving them out of the real information loops by changing the data base they will need to work with. They already see it as just useless background pixels, put there to distract them from the real game of getting what they want out of life.

You would be surprised how many young professionals have come to value balance between work and leisure, social responsibility and realistic production, moral issues and commitment to quality in their own work and life styles. I am refreshed by the view I am getting of the attitude of the young, of not wasting time on non issues and getting on with real life, knowing there is a game afoot.

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